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How to book an appointment.
Appointments are booked by leaving a telephone message or emailing paid_appointments at kelly-tait dot com. Please leave only your name, telephone number, and the times you are available.


- LONG MESSAGES WILL BE DELETED UNLISTENED. (Sorry, there's just way too many! I get hundreds of calls per day.)

- DO NOT CALL BEFORE 9am OR AFTER 8pm (Mountain Time)
- DO NOT CALL FOR FOLLOW-UP ADVICE. You need to book another appointment if you want to speak with Kelly again.

Your call will only be returned if you follow the etiquette above. Kelly receives more than 200 calls per day, so we appreciate your respecting these guidelines. Speak slowly and clearly and repeat your telephone number. Please read the rest of this page before calling. +1.403.931.1817.

Readings are approximately 1.5-2 hours long. Extractions, past life clearings & healings require at least 3 hours. You can meet with Kelly in the following ways:

1) at her home in Calgary
2) at your home / business
3) via telephone (telephone readings are just as effective, since the physical distance has no impact on messages from the other side).

How to prepare:
please prepare a list of questions to help focus the reading, so you can maximize the number of answers you get during your reading. Bring objects that are special to you, which carry your energy. Bring objects and photographs if you are interested in mediumship with loved ones who have passed away(maximum of 8 photos please). You can email your questions ahead of time if you like. You can also bring a chain or necklace that Kelly will use during the session.

Kelly uses a bible for her clearings and readings. Many psychics use various tools for channeling energy, such as cards and pendulums. Kelly uses a bible, so if you are not comfortable with this please don't book with her.

Please DON'T ask Kelly for a free reading or expect to receive a free reading. Kelly provides many free readings already to people in need, and really needs the income to fund the non-profit work of the Priddis Valley Gardens Healing Centre. If you are struggling financially, please be prepared to make a donation that is at minimum 70% of the cost of the reading, and please be up front about this. You'd be surprised at how many sneaky people show up and try to weasel a free reading out of Kelly. If true healing and progress are important to you, you'll be willing to cut out your lattes and iPod for a bit so you can save up some money to pay her very reasonable fee. It is money well spent, trust us, and the good karma of a proper energy exchange will only bring good things back to you. Thanks! Once you've met with Kelly, please be respectful and refrain from calling her frequently to get free advice; this is a real burden to her as she is bombarded with hundreds of phone calls per day from people like this. Don't call repeatedly for free follow-up advice; you need to book another reading with her and pay for it if you want to speak with her again. Trust that you have what it takes to make decisions, to follow your intuition, to set goals and take the right action. You don't need help getting through the day; you will be ok when you trust in your natural abundance!!

Email questions: Kelly invites you to contact her with your email questions that are general enough to be shared publicly; she is currently building an online questions and answers forum, and will both reply personally to you and post your question on the Messages page. If you have a specific question about one of your personal experiences, a family member etc, you will need to book an appointment with Kelly.